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 Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I have been involved in the antique firearms community for over 40 years.  I am primarily a collector and am always looking to buy antique and collectible firearms and arms, specializing in British double and single shot rifles and shotguns, Winchester, Savage, Marlin, Colt and all makes of antiques.  However, on occasion, I will consider all types of firearms and firearms related materials, including double guns, handguns, hunting rifles, ammunition, and edged weapons.  I am a  licensed professional and keep current with auction and show prices.  I do not have a store front so please do not ask to come look around, if there is something you need more information about just contact me, I would be happy to discuss antique firearm issues with you.

Estates and Collections Purchased and/or Appraised. will buy estates, personal collections and singular items, when you deal with “” be assured that every transaction will be handled with absolute discretion.  Other related services include estimates/appraisals of collectible firearms and/or collectibles, there is no charge for a quick estimate over the phone but we will not guarantee accuracy without actually seeing the items. As I cannot even begin to evaluate a firearm without seeing it, please send pictures to  We will travel to view or buy collections.  Please call us at any time to schedule a viewing. All transactions are strictly confidential and no collection is too large or too small.  There is a fee associated with viewing and providing a written estimate of your firearms, if “” buys your collection the fee will be waived.  Costs for doing appraisals vary depending on time required, distance traveled and a number of other factors, all are handled as individual opportunities, so call to discuss what we might do for you.  Deal with the professionals, deal with  

Firearms for Sale.

On occasion, I have certain items from my private collection for sale, understand that these are my personal firearms, please take the time to review, as they change regularly.  There is no charge to list something in our for sale section, please contact us for details.  If you are looking for something that is not listed, again please contact us. Enjoy the site and if you have any questions please contact