Colour Case Hardening

Oskar Kob, specializes in Colour Case hardening and is one of Canada’s best, Oskar uses old formulas utilizing bone and wood charcoal to obtain his colours.   He has been Colour Casing firearms for many years, if you want an excellent job, at more than competitive rates, give Oskar a call, he’s a great guy with an abundance of knowledge.  1-902-680-9986
Oskar Kob P.O. Box 34

Coldbrook Station, N.S.

B4R 1C5

Custom Engraving

Custom engraving by Brian Frank, Brian has been engraving just about anything he has been able to get his hands on, starting as a custom knife builder and moving into firearm engraving in the last few years.  Brian has worked on many projects with myself and many custom builders in Canada and the U.S.  Brian is a very creative individual and always willing to discuss potential projects.

Brian Frank

1508 North River Drive

Drumheller, Alberta

​T0J 0Y1