Colt Model 1873 38 WCF

This is a nice original revolver, I have changed the cylinder pin release buttons because it was mangled but I believe I still have the original if desired.  There is a repair to the right side grip and the front sight has been modified a long time ago.   There is a streak of grey on the barrel but overall I would say about 65 % original blue.  The case coloured frame is still showing good colour in the protected areas, original grips are smooth with little checkering left.  Mechanically the gun functions as a colt SAA is supposed to.  Has a very nice bore and clean sharp cylinders.  Made in 1927, this pistol is restricted.

$3700 NOW $2800

Winchester Model 1894 38-55 1898 SOLD

A nice old hunter in a very desirable caliber, the bore has lots of good defined rifling with minimal corrosion and a slight ring at the location of the front barrel band, not to be confused with a bulge, this is just a ring of more defined corrosion. It should make a good shooter. Metal finish is mostly a brown grey patina throughout. The wood is surprisingly in very nice condition with no major flaws. Mechanically it works as it should. Manufactured in 1898, it is a working piece of history.
​$750 SOLD

Winchester Model 1895

If you have been looking for a collector grade 1895 this is the one for you. Other than the added sling swivel holes this rifle is completely original and in very high condition. Blue on the barrel is 95%, the receiver is 85% plus. It has an excellent bright shiny bore and is an excellent shooter. Its chambered in 30-40 Krag or 30 US. if you prefer. Wood is excellent with normal marks and dings from hunting, no cracks or missing pieces. There are lots of 1895's out there but not many in this condition.

​$2700 Can. now $2400 

Inglis High Power Lunch Box Special SOLD

As the story goes, workers at the Inglis factory would on occasion bring bits and pieces of a pistol out of the plant stuffed away in their lunch boxes.  The result was an Inglis High Power without any identifiable markings, ie serial numbers.  These pistols are very rare and very sought after by Inglis collectors, one can only imagine that not many were made up of smuggled parts and assembled later.  Complete with original wood holster/shoulder stock, this pistol is in remarkable condition and would be an excellent example for an Inglis collector.

$3200  SOLD

Browning High Power SOLD

This is by far the cleanest Browning High Power I have ever had in my hands, simply stunning condition.  I have thoroughly examined this pistol and other than some insignificant blemishes it is near perfect, visually the bolt face has some marks but nothing I would label as an impression, and although there is no guarantee, it appears unfired.  Complete with original bill of sale, another great pistol for the High Power collector.

$1450  SOLD

Inglis High Power Chinese Lend SOLD

On January 31, 1944 the first production of the Chinese Hi-Power pistols which became known as the No.1 was completed. The Chinese pistols had a slot for a shoulder stock on the back strap and a tangent rear sight.  In 1944-45 the Chinese contract was cancelled and the already built, unshipped, Chinese Hi Power pistols were absorbed into the Canadian Forces.  This is an extremely good example of what is called the Chinese lend pistol, as the pistols were not really paid for by the Chinese but lent for future payment as part of the war effort.  

$1700 SOLD