Isaac Hollis Single Shot Rifle

A Martini Henry action and a top grade British gun maker, makes this quite a combination for a sporting grade rifle.  It sports beautiful wood front and back with a horn forehand cap, as with most British sporting grade rifles it has sling swivels and is checkered.  The bore is mint and is chambered in 577-450, mechanically it works perfectly and should make a great classic shooter.  Overall condition is extremely good.

​$ $2350 Can.

Gibbs Metford Creedmore SOLD

This is a very rare rifle in a sought after configuration. The wood is in amazing condition with some small holes that have been repaired/filled at a much earlier time. Caliber is 451 and it sports a mint bore, sights are period correct although I believe modern manufacture. It has a very long barrel, the previous owner was a long range shooter and reports that this rifle was a tack driver. Let the pictures do the story telling, if you have any questions please contact me directly. This is an antique in Canada and does not require a license to own or buy.

$7800 Can. SOLD

Savage Montreal Home Guard Bayonet SOLD

Extremely rare Savage Model 99 Montreal Home Guard Bayonet in unbelievable condition.  These are like hens teeth to find let alone find one in this extremely fine condition.  This bayonet is as close to mint as you can get, simply a beautiful condition piece.  It is unknown how many of these bayonets were supplied with the approximate 800 rifles for the home guard, however it is an unfortunate reality that a vast majority were ground down and turned into hunting knifes after the war.  This bayonet comes with the original scabbard which is in extremely fine condition as well, there is a small tear in the leather at the top where the knife enters the scabbard.  This is a piece for an advanced collector of Savage Arms or a bayonet collector.​

​$4995​ Can. SOLD

Winchester Model 2200 12 Gauge SOLD

Chambered for 12 Gauge, 2 3/4 inch, 28 inch barrel with interchangeable chokes, the only choke it has is the one in the gun (Improved Cylinder).  Bore is mint and mechanically it works perfectly.  The wood in banged up and bruised but is solid.  There is a small chip in the toe of the butt stock as evidenced in the pics, the metal finish very good overall.  It should make a good duck/goose gun.

​$225 SOLD

William H. Soper Canada West SOLD

This is a beautiful rifle made by a well known Canadian maker, it is in .50 caliber and sports a large Octagon barrel.  Mechanically it works as it should.  The lock is marked W. H.  Soper, barrel is marked W. H. Super C.W., the C.W. defining Canada West, which was essentially Upper Canada before 1840.  Not all of Soper rifles had the lock marked with his name as they often used pre made locks from other makers.  A great piece of Canadian history.

$1595 SOLD

Baikal Model 27E 12 Gauge

If you are looking for a workhorse of an over and under this is it, these guns are built like a tank. Good solid wood with the only flaw being a very small hairline crack in the butt stock. Metal finish is near 100 % and mechanically it functions as intended. It sports 27 inch barrels choked skeet on top and cylinder on the bottom and takes 2 3/4 inch 12 gauge shells. Bores are mint bright and shiny. Overall this is a good solid shotgun that should bring years of good shooting. Call or email for more info. $350

Franchi 12 Gauge 2 3/4

This is a beautifully elegant superposed gun, sporting excellent checkered wood.  I must point out that there appears to be a wood dowel on the right side of the receiver, it does not go all the way through and there does not appear to be any crack, so I am not sure what it is doing there.  There is a recoil pad installed but it will have to be replaced as it has gone rock hard.  The bores are mint, bright and shiny.  Mechanically perfect with a single trigger (which I personally like on a double), the barrels are 28 inches with a vented rib.  This is overall a very pretty gun with superb handling.​


Winchester Model 94 32 Special SOLD

Date of manufacture 1959.  Up for sale is a great old hunting rifle in a timeless cartridge.  The bore is mint, bright and shiny, the metal is worn , mostly in the carry position and edge wear, but still grades as 90%.  The wood is solid with no cracks or chips, it carries the expected bumps and bruises from a hunting rifle, the finish on the wood is somewhat bumpy and I am not sure if it is the remnants of an old refinish.  Mechanically it functions flawlessly and will definitely be at home in the bush.

$575​ SOLD

Winchester Model 1892 44-40 SRC SOLD

This is a rough old girl in a very desirable caliber, manufactured in 1896.  Wood is banged up and not fitting very well, finish is non existent on both metal and wood, mechanically it functions as it was intended and sports a decent bore with some black powder corrosion but with lots of rifling.   Not pretty but should make a good shooter.

$750 SOLD

Winchester Model 1892 44-40 SRC

This wonderful  little rifle is chambered in 44-40, made in 1907, the most sought after caliber in a 92.  It has a very good shootable bore, bright and shiny with only minimal freckling.  The wood is solid and appears to have some of the original finish, blue is turning brown but appears to be somewhat in between, with some remnants of old oil turning yellow in places.