Berretta Pistol


Plug Bayonet

In the late 17th century plug bayonets were used by Infantry all over Europe as an attachment to the muzzle of a musket, once the last round had been fired, in order to turn the musket into a pike for dismounting Cavalry troops.  The circular hilt was literally inserted into the bore effectively creating a long reaching spear or lance. Later replaced by a socket or other style bayonets. Plug bayonets made in the 19th century were intended hunting Wild Boar. Once the rifle was discharged, having a raging wild boar charging you was always a terrifying possibility, so these hunting knife style plug bayonets provided some "at a distance" protection.  This is a classic example not sure of age. It features a circular horn hilt.  Worn in a scabbard from the belt you can be sure these were often used in brawls in many a Tavern. 


Marlin Ballard

An extremely rare, amongst few of a kind, Marlin Ballard target/sporting rifle with no assignable model designation.  Reference J.T. Dutcher’s book, Ballard -The Great American Single Shot Rifle, page 281,“Special Factory made Marlin Ballard Rifles” ref. shows 7 similar, non assignable model Ballards, one being serial # 5266, the twin to this rifle, serial # 5264, Cal. .38-55, 31 in. octagon/round barrel with mint bore. Front sight is windage adjustable with spirit level, rear sight is a tang medium range peep. Scroll engraved muzzle and rebated side frames. Checkered wood is overall stunning with small cracks on both sides of wrist at receiver, butt stock sports a nickel plated butt plate, front stock has a carved horn cap. Barrel is drilled and tapped and upper tang has an extra hole which is hidden under the peep sight.  Rifle remains in fine original condition with rich dark barrel bluing, visible faded case coloured frame, hammer and lever and most of the original stock finish.  This is a rifle for the advanced collector.​​ 

$6700  Can.

Winchester Highwall

This is a rare and unusual rifle.  Not very common to see a heavy octagon, number 3, non tapered barrel in a take down and 25-20 SS.  It should be pointed out that the barrel address is on the side of the barrel flat which means it was originally made for scope mounts.  The 25-20 SS is a Single Shot, not to be confused with the 25-20 pistol cartridge the two are not interchangeable.  The rifle is in fine condition with a mint bore, the wood is excellent with the metal finish being 90 % plus overall.  The box is of very solid heavy construction, likely oak.  Date of manufacture would be 1918.  Call for more details.


Fausti Conrad 410

Fausti, superposed, Model Conrad, 2 3/4 inch, 410 Gauge, with interchangeable chokes and 28 inch barrels.  The pics will tell the story, this is a new unfired shotgun.


Fausti DEA 28 Bore

Fausti, SXS, DEA Model, 2 3/4 inch, 28 Gauge, with interchangeable chokes and 28 inch barrels.  The pics will tell the story, this is a new unfired shotgun.


Fausti Conrad Sport 28 Bore

Fausti, superposed, Conrad Model, 2 3/4 inch, 28 Gauge, with interchangeable chokes and 30 inch barrels.  The pics will tell the story, this is a new unfired shotgun.

​$2250 Can.

Bacon SXS

This is a very rare shotgun, less than 500 of these were made, date of manufacture is 1868-1870.  Apparently, Bacon was attempting to obtain a military contract with this shotgun, he did not meet with success , as the design, although ingenious, was not very strong.  The double bolt actions are combersome to operate and make the wrist of the gun subject to breakage, which happens to this gun as well, you cab see an old repair to the wrist in the pictures.  Gun appears to have been refreshed at some time in its life, with the damascus pattern very strong and the wood finish vibrant.  It is chambered in 12 bore and sports 28 inch barrels This will make a nice addition for the shotgun collector.


Lancaster 28 bore

Lancaster 28 Bore made in 1925.  Not sure what there is to say about this piece that the pictures do not already tell.  It is one of the best small bore guns I have ever had in my hands, from the 100% engraving to the ivory beads it is a beautiful gun.  It sports 28 inch barrels and is a gem to shoulder, fits like a glove.  This gun is nothing short of perfect.


Winchester Model 1400 12 gauge

This shotgun is in unfired condition, it does not appear to have fired a single round.  It sports a 28 inch barrel with removable chokes with the existing choke being the only one (modified) and a full length vented rib.  The bore in mint, the metal is mint, the wood is mint save a chip in the toe.  What else can I say, if you have any other questions please contact me.